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The first step towards getting your army ready for tabletop warfare. This step is one that many hobbyist find the most tedious. Instead of having to deal with washing sprues, removing mold lines, filling  gaps, and inevitably end up with glued fingers, let me tackle this tedium. This is my most basic service, but a great way to preserve your creative motivation for the fun parts!

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Do you have a model or models that you simply rather not purchase again? Whether it is to adapt to the meta-game balance changes, save money, paint  less, or  simply being the coolest dude in your gaming group. Whatever the reason; why not have all the different loadouts available on a single model! This is the single, most impressive way to wow your friends (or foes).


Custom Kitbashing

Totally customize and personalize your squad or unique character. Let's face it, not many things in the hobby feel as rewarding as knowing that you have a one of a kind model, a model oozing your own personality. 


With this service, we will  set some time for a live one on one, so that the idea in your mind comes to life. Anything goes. As intricate or as simple your idea may be, let's  get it on the battlefield.


Priming and Base Coating

You actually enjoy painting and adding all the sweet, sweet details to your hordes of deadly plastic minions, but find it hard to find enough time to get there? No problem, with this service you can get to that step all the sooner! Do you need to have a large number of units primed in black, white, grey or black with zenithal white? Even further, do you need a solid and consistent base color? Even better yet, how about starting with a 2 tone smooth transition base color! 

I can get your models more than half way there. With the 2 tone base layer, it is easy to get the rest of your army done with the finishing touches. 


Painting Lessons

You rather paint your own stuff, leading the charge in the battle against the grey plastic. However, you want to improve before you paint a certain model. or you are simply trying to expand your hobby expertise. 

I also offer live, one on one painting lessons. Either remotely or in person in the DFW area. You are interested in a particular technique or paint medium, have watched countless tutorials, but still not getting the results you are looking for?


We can drill down on all of those. Airbrushing, oil paints, inks and all the jargon involved in our beautiful hobby . As a bonus, we can go through the process all the while we both paint a model from your collection.